i was harried 

in the construction

of the physical world,

as if i impacted 

through action.


yet i had forgotten 

that we are one Soul,

and my single act 

of governing Self

is the flourishing 

of the mustard seed.


dimensionally unbounded,

i breathe through 

the heart of humanity,

a glimpse 

of the priceless pearl.


and when i express love for you

with a deep knowing,

i transcend the borders 

of mere affection. 


“that is the dance”, 

you once said, 

the willingness to waltz

barefoot in the dirt.


in that inner space,

where Creator and creature

are wed, 

we live true –

within an eternity.


Photo: Bind weed flower in my yard

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

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