i cling

to the branch,


outer is inner,

and the only way 


a return ticket.

i think of home,

the desert wandering,

as i watch 

my own steps


within the dunes.

there is no comfort

in your arms,

only the reflection

of how far 

i must go

to transform 

this Human 


into a ray 

of unbroken 



Photo : Rose Hips from the garden

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

8 thoughts on “Propitious

  1. Your post brings up images of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero With A Thousand Faces.” Where the hero is forced out of his/her ordinary/trusted world. He/She moves into an unknown world confronted with new challenges before returning to the original place, the same man/woman; yet, transformed by the journey into something new. Thanks for sharing. Ray

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