Repurposing Dust

in wanting for You,

i begged for a Death,

a Love-fierce wind

flesh-falsity rent.


mirror shards


a calcite frame,

met the artisan’s fist,

crushing clay

repurposing skin,


rotates in the Light


firing the urn

to be emptied again.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017
Photo: Modified version of the controversial painting, Matinee de Septembre By Paul Emile Chabas, 1911

14 thoughts on “Repurposing Dust

  1. Your post causes a spiritual reflection for me – In the search for God, one dies over and again to the false selves, which continually seem to recreate themselves. Yet, the pull is relentlessly toward the Omega point. Thank you for your post. Ray

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          1. Yes it could be the science, or the motivation as to why it was written, or something only the author would know.
            Or perhaps that is best left for a classroom, or the reader who casts their own interpretation.
            Hmm. I do get a poem delivered every day from, and there is a wonderful little “about this poem” from the author. It helps as I never really studied English literature (more science background). Thanks Maria!

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            1. Hooray! Although, I think you are not wanting for inspiration. You write frequently and so well.
              Looks like it’s compliment Saturday and you are the target 😊

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            2. I can sense that you are tapping deep within, which is why your words resonate with me. When we can tap our souls magic occurs. Have a lovely evening Maria 😊

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