water drawn from the tap

filtered over earth-stones,

a cascading waterfall 

of fulfilling light.

dust swept from the porch,

the two hands 

that do not quarrel 

over how to hold the broom.

the washing of garments,

garb of a new creation.

the phone and door 

go unanswered.

money flows 

only in the direction 

of unity and growth.

we make soul-love 

heart upon heart,

as we move 

through the  worlds

back to back,

warding off the the blows 

that tear home asunder.

We hold our selves, 

and through that the world,

to the highest standard.

through our solo 

inner journeys 

we re-member the One.

We will live in the space

where we will be,

and in each moment are –




© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Daisy flowers from my garden

I am moving and revising my poetry and blog, so I will be posting sporadically – as the spiritual moves. 

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