Authentic Spirituality

Rob Taylor’s book on spirituality and the human condition is now available on Amazon. You can find more information on purchasing a copy of the book, click on the link below.

It is a timely exploration of the state of our current experience and a forward look at the spiritual work needed to bring about peace. I highly recommend reading The Irreducible Primary.

The Irreducible Primary now on Amazon (click here to see the page).

14 thoughts on “Authentic Spirituality

  1. Happened upon your blog and really enjoyed reading posts. In fact, in my autobiographical memoir called “Shattered to Shining”, I talk about being the many ways in which animals that I thought I was rescuing had really rescued me. I also talk deeply about spirituality and how animals are truly the only teachers I had as a child on the topic of “unconditional love”. Anyway, I appreciate you sharing and look forward to reading more.

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    1. I checked out your page…how empowering, the forensics, psychology etc. You have so much depth there! I am glad you came across my blog. Check out Rob Taylor’s book. He was in law enforcement as well. It is out on Amazon. I admire smart, tough, spiritual women. We need more good examples of that in the world. 😊

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    1. Hello Allie, thank you for visiting my blog. You are a busy person! Your posts are interesting and I will follow your blog. I teach science and work at the high school and college level. I enjoy talking about the spiritual path as well. You can find the book on Amazon now. Contact me whenever you might like to discuss things. Keep up your great work in the world. you will make an impact.

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  2. It always excites me to hear about books examining the dire need for spiritual reflection and integration. I believe we are going through a dramatic shift in human consciousness at this point in time. As a race we are slowly waking up to the idea that a higher spirit resides within all of us instead of shoving it down and denying its existence.

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