Acceleration Due To Gravity

i drove 

the curvature of the earth,

mindful of the yellow lines

as they disappeared

into the circumference

of the trees,

the only future

i could see.


i felt the tangled roots

of the canopy,

warm rain 

on the placid skin 

of the sea,

the respiratory dance 

of water, sky, and light,

the tidal rise 

of a myriad of lives.


these woven threads

in a spherical tapestry,

all appeared to churn

without me,

as life collapsed into 

a moment of silence

parked on the shoulder

gripping the wheel.


two becoming one,

had little to do

with you and me.

in the presence 

of Infinite Gravity,

there is no need to cling.


Photo: Road at Night

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

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