i cup sunlight

in my trembling hand

and pour it over

a gray-scale realm.


i can find my


in the rising floods,

the repeated history

of war and greed,

the devastation 

of disease.


fabricated chaos

in each fearful 


adding to the pitch 

of the world’s 

agonizing howl,

the loneliness

of a strange attractor


in the mirrored room.


and yet you –

bent field lines

for me

the force 

of love-energy,

took me in.


i will not 

block my eyes

like a child 

afraid to be seen.

outside is in,

i will fight

with each breath,

to draw the effort

to silence my internal din,

and pour the balm of love

on the space within.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

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