societal conditioning,

birthed me,

and i resemble in kind

the ego-will i accepted.


you bathed me in pace-mare,

the moist swell between my names-

sea of bitterness and gratitude,

i must choose.


so i relinquish my steps

to the roiling sea of unknowing,

grasping to overturn the pebbles,

as i stumble forward

with a yearning to bestow

the unconditional.


you navigate the trans-oceanic,

hand on my hip to steady the rock.

i sail through the race,

a light pulse destiny,

unfolding my charts,

an appellation of the appreciative.

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Daeni Beach Woman

8 thoughts on “Inure

  1. Wonderful post. Fr. Richard Rohr, Franciscan, said the first 40 years are spent living according to the world and its values. The next 40 years are spent trying to undo what we learned during the first 40 years. Your post reminded me of his wisdom. Thank you. Ray

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    1. I have enjoyed Richard Rohr’s writings. Yes, I have definitely begun a cross-over of sorts, at least stepped my foot over some invisible threshold. I was just thinking today about your comment about mysticism and my poetry. Writing is a great way to apply some hemming tape to the rough edges while sewing together seams. I just never know exactly what will emerge. Thank you for your comments, Ray.

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      1. In Ray Bradbury’s wonderful book, “The Zen of Writing,” he spoke about the importance of letting one’s writing (in his case characters) take control of the creative work. I think it frees one’s intuitive sense. Ray

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