they told me

it was turtles

all the way down.

so i gazed through

the narrow slit of

pinpoint stars

and wormholes

to find a deeper



the stacking,

rising up from the bottom,

is a perception

employed to organize 



curled beside you,

i watch your sleep-breath

disappear into a necklace 

of  swirling particles

and vibrating strings.


i shift my gaze

to the internal peripheral,

and the essence of you,

is the essence of me.


plunging my fingers

into the swelling heart

of silence,

Being takes hold 

of biology.


reality is agreement,

and what i grasp, you gain –

leptons entangled,

shift their spin.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Sea Turtles

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