Arguing about “God”

Is God all-powerful, all- knowing, all that?

A pseudo-spiritual reactor or Schrodinger’s cat?

I thought I would like an answer for that.

Since right on the fence is where I’ve sat,


With a philosophical version of the Cat in the Hat.



Would God know how many stars are made,

Across the universe at a given time?

Would he know what’s on the top of my closet?

Or what’s in the back of my mischievous mind?


I decided to ask Him since I am His kid.

Kids ask silly questions so that they can stall,

When they have brush teeth or to go to bed.

I thought I’d text Him or give Him a call.


I sent him a text on his pearly white phone

“Well…it all depends,” God replied to me.

“Really,” I said? “And how does that work?”

He replied, “It depends on philosophy.”



If you are an existential nihilist,

Then all of existence would be made up of quarks

Meaningless, purposeless, as useless as squarks

Dull, unremarkable, colorless sparks

So the answer is No.


If you are an epistemological reductionist,

Then a baseline of quarks it would be still,

Mechanistic, materialism, life would mean nil,

Like rolling a boulder each day up a hill.

So the answer is No.


If you are a process philosopher

God would be the ground of being in you.

He would see what you see, and do what you do.

Just think of all the stupid things we assume.

So the answer is No.


If you are a creationist

God took each animal and on earth plopped it down.

All things were good is what He had found,

Counting, and naming all the stuff that’s around.

So the answer is yes.


If you are a natural philosopher

Then God would be active just like a verb,

Doing and seeing and making the world,

In everything, creating, awesome, superb.

So the answer is yes.




So…what would you think if you were me?

God would be love, and Love leaves you free.

It doesn’t ask what you’re thinking or judge what you do.

It stays on the road, a companion to you.

Love’s been through it all, all the crap humans see,

So it knows where you’ve been and where you will be.

Because people are predictable as history will sum,

God knows because there’s nothing new under the sun.


He sent a smiley emoji and said, “Now we’re done.”

He admitted that my little rant had been fun.

I stamped my foot and looked straight in His eye,

“You didn’t answer my question. I thought God couldn’t lie?”


You’re free to find truth in it all’s what He said.

So we’ve settled on composing some poetry instead.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Mountain Clouds

Philosophical and theological arguments will only take you so far in an understanding of life, and they need to be transcended on the spiritual journey. It gives a whole new meaning to revelation.

32 thoughts on “Arguing about “God”

  1. ““Well…it all depends,” God replied to me.
    “Really,” I said? “And how does that work?”
    He replied, “It depends on philosophy.””

    So true, and our philosophy or beliefs do change depending on circumstances.

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      1. For now, my belief has taken a U-Turn , and everything is looking so different now. A change in perception changes the whole picture. It will be good if you can read my posts and leave us views.

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        1. I read the latest post on your blog. Only humans percieve of a God who is disconnected from us. We make the rules about who can be loved and who cannot. The Creator does not judge creation, we do that. The place of unknowing is when God is closest and we start to see the vast difference between our small version of “love” and the love that creates the universe. The online environment can be a false and deceptive one. We are all susceptible to that because of our egos. I understand.

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          1. “Only humans perceive of a God who is disconnected from us.” – This one sentence says a lot. Thanks for reading, sharing your views and giving a different angle to my thinking.

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            1. Yes, that is my whole idea of blogging. To share , discuss, learn and explore what can be blended with my thoughts and views to make them better, logical and clearer. Nice to meet you here and thanks for following my blog. Hope we will be able to add on to each other’s ideas.

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  2. If only we could all get better with living with the many questions in life… rather than striving so hard to find the answer. Wondering if real ‘truth’ is in the seeking and the mystery of it all, not in the possessing…

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  3. God has a good sense of humor, no doubt finding us humans not funny much of the time.

    Would God know how many quarks exist? I think not. Many are in and out in a flash. Do anti-quarks count against the total?

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