you found me

in the absent lines

of a poem

bare trees and moonlit illuminations


and i followed the trail

mapping the road in prose, 

the return of a woman

to her soul.


a feeble knock, 

and the seed stirred.

i am nothing 

but the pure desire 

to enter

with the seven billion 

awaiting a homecoming.


the past,

an evanescent wake,

the future,

a sublime disappearance.

oh, the silence,

of this soul-self

caked with the crusted clay of living.

to have lost everything

but the knowledge 

of how little i know of love.


yet what i yearn for

is who i will become,

is who you are,

as we hold the collective pain

of a seething world

in the womb of our hearts.


what of us,

these bodies inundated 

by the rapids of world-time?

i will fight by your side


to calm the internal sea.

the gateway is beyond the tenth,

space-time is a mirage,

isolation the illusion.


in the power of two,



© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: Cairns in the flow by Andreas Riedelmeier

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