19 thoughts on “Strands

  1. I thought about your poem a lot after reading it. This used to be my defense mechanism out in the world. Meditating on how the multitudes around me were part of Christ’s body, with me. But it took enormous focus and I wonder if because of that I came off as uneasy and inauthentic when making contact. Ultimately, I would like the “strands” to be effortless, as natural as taking a drink when thirsty. I don’t want to have to constantly consciously remind myself of our oneness at the risk of losing out on true, friendly connection. But my having to practice this comes from fear, unfortunately. The golden rule may be innate, but it becomes less natural when you realize there are some who break it. Still, everything about your poem is the truth. I just wish it was less of an exercise (for me) and more subconscious, breathlike.

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    1. Amaya,

      I have always made the mistake of thinking that everyone else was part of Christ’s body, the universal soul, except for me. We forget that we too are deserving of that great a love. Believe it and see yourself in that along with me. “Wherever two or more are gathered…”

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