Energy Flow

a penny in the well

harvesting grain from the field

sun rises west


Money represents time. It is a flow of energy that represents a piece of a person’s life. The attachment to money does not just occur when a person is extraordinarily wealthy. It manifests whenever you make a decision based on monetary value alone. As a global society, we have decided that money is allowed to determine where you live, who you associate with, what education you can have. It determines your food choices, health, and your relationships. You are valued by how much or how little you have. It is not wrong to have money, but stopping its flow or believing in its scarcity prevents us from appreciating another person’s time and energy.  It prevents the interconnection of soul. Be mindful. Do not let your need for it substitute for relational being embodied.


Photo: chicory flower from my garden

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

19 thoughts on “Energy Flow

  1. John Nichols, the Milagro Beanfield author, wrote a short story about a New Mexico community before money was introduced as the medium of exchange, showing how it changed the culture. It was in a collaborative book with Tony Hillerman, not too sure it is in print anymore. The introduction of money destroyed cooperation and sharing, caring, basically.

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      1. Well, I admit to liking New Mexico and it’s Spanish influenced, older culture, which is dying out. But my wife was from Spain as well. Those two are great story tellers and I think worth reading. They understood that fiction is the only way you can tell certain truths.

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          1. The movie is pretty good, the book is better to my thinking. Hillerman’s Navajo mystery novels are good too, if you like that genre. Sacred Clowns would be a prime example to try one.

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