The deepest work of the soul does not take place within the pristine silence of the distant mountain. Transformation is sparked in the vale, where life is dismantled and revived.

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

13 thoughts on “Generative

    1. Thank you. I am still working on the “dying” part.😊
      I am working on compiling some of the poetry into a book with some prose and stories. I would love your feedback when I am further along. Your comments are insightful. I would also be interested on what you think about the book The Irreducible Primary, since we seem to share a similar taste for authors of spirituality. Thank you, Ray.

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        1. I would appreciate any feedback. I wrote the forward for the book. It is a pretty truthful look at the state of humanity. The inner work that the author speaks could be equated with Thomas Keating and Richard Rohr minus any religious aspects. I would be interested in what you think.


          1. Richard Rohr and Thomas Keating are two of my favorites. I did my undergrad at Bellarmine in Louisville, which houses Thomas Merton’s works. I took a religion class taught by Dan Walsh who was Merton’s medieval professor at Columbia. He was the person who encouraged Merton to attend a retreat at Gethsemani Abbey. Merton’s work still holds many insights for me.

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            1. Amazing…I resonate with all three. The author, Rob Taylor read Merton in his youth and lived in Japan where he experienced Zen Buddhism. Many of the University students do not know Merton, sad. If you like the book, a review on Amazon or Good Reads is always appreciated. Dan Walsh, so cool.

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      1. I traveled to Michigan over the weekend and read “Irreducible Primary” on the plane. I read your introduction. You write very well. It is a good introduction. I felt the author spoke as if he “found” the answers. My perspective is that each of us, if we’re fortunate, may own a small piece to the puzzle. It’s why we need each other. It’s why we rely on the wisdom left for us. It’s why we try to leave our piece to puzzle so others who follow may glean an insight or too. I appreciated the read – anything that makes me reflect and test my assumptions is good. Have a great day. Ray

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