wrapped in 


enrapt in  


this presence

counts moments

like cracks in the sidewalk.


at times i forget

and skip a step

like a girl with pipe curls

and patent leather shoes,

absorbed in the bounce 

and click

as run ahead of you.


i said i would not leave,

yet I watch my mind

float away from time

to swim in 

its own anxious universe.

you call, and i turn

back to your heart-home,

devoid of time zones,

not too late to arrive.

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo: East Versus West

4 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. I am too often “absorbed in the bounce 
    and click” but it’s not external or by my own doing. It penetrates me and I have no control. Still, I have hope in the kind of love you describe here. Eternal. “Never too late to arrive, alive.”

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