The eagle is a metal sculpture for someone who had fallen in service. There are three of these eagles on this 100 year old farm close to where I live. Let us make this unnecessary. Grow peace in your own hearts to see it in the world. For those in service and those who wait for them at home…

To both my grandfathers who served in WWII, Omaha Beach and off Okinawa. 

5 thoughts on “Honor

  1. You offered a beautiful tribute to those who serve and to your grandfathers. When the number of people who demand peace is greater than the number of people who want to project their inner turmoil on millions of others, peace will triumph. Until then, your message is a courageous call for peace within to initiate reaching out in peace and forgiveness. Thank you for the post, Ray

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    1. Internal peace is not always easy to generate consistently, at least for me. All I have is the repeated willingness to begin again every moment. My grandfathers were hardworking, courageous men. The one who went to Normandy was wounded right before Bastogne. He cherished his life with such gratitude. Thank you, Ray.

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