do not believe

you manipulate me,

altered genes,

irradiated seeds.

the power 

of my generativity

you spurn 

as your capacity.

this lifeless harvest 

that you sow,

will stagnate

in your heart


in that heart,

the things you fear

will shake the roots

of your despair,

and make you open

to my care,

a vast self-love

begins repair –

my one desire,

you live free,

in our sacred harmony.


We are not part of nature. Humans are nature. What we inflict on the earth, we inflict on each other – our ” selves”. In love, there are no separate parts.

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Photo by Wendy Ng

14 thoughts on “Ama 

  1. Yes – we are all interconnected 🙂 Nature is the very stuff we are made of and live within. No matter how big our cities, how high our walls – the same sun shines on us all, the wind blows, the tides rise and fall – we are not separate from these rhythms.

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  2. Beautiful. It reminds me of one of Alan Watts’ talks where says that
    “We dont come into this world like it’s a different place and we’ve arrived here like aliens. No.
    We grow out of this world like leaves grow out of the branch of a tree.”
    Our obsession with trying to fix and improve things is what is the biggest problem. Oh but I can go and on this topic.. Haha.. Great poem.

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      1. Sorry for the late reply Maria. I have a super important exam next Sunday that I’ve been preparing for for an year… I like the analogy of scrubbing the inside of a cup.. It’s like highlighting the vessel analogy for the human body and mind in general. We’re about as capable of improving as is our potential of being good vessels of the divine. Strictly speaking.. The divine being this divine magic.. That life is… I will share yes as I read more of your poems and the situation warrants. I like reading poems of writers I like back from their first post. It gives you an idea of what they’re trying to do.. What they have tried and how the evolved. 🙂

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