the bang and gurgle dissipates 

into a kiss of steam,

an arising solidity

crystalizing in placidity 

of motion frozen.


this merging of poles,

where sensation arises 

in the space of dissonance.

i hold the edges in union,

with adhesive focus of mind.


heart knows soul’s flow,

a womb tipped 

toward the grace of possibility,


the poser’s exhibition of body.


i walk the razor’s edge

without becoming the blade.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Digital Painting: “Spirit of Sports” by Joel Jerry

18 thoughts on “Posers

        1. The abstract style and color combinations are such a mirror for the mind of the observer. It can be powerful. Poetry and paint are both media for the artistry of our desires to be, a balance between passion and technical that the world needs. Keep it up.😊


            1. I have been looking into social media as a form for increasing exposure through instagram, twitter….check out Hootsuite. You can post to numerous platforms at once and schedule posts. I am just starting to investigate that. Follow others that produce work you admire. Number one…build a community of like-minded people who appreciate your work. They will spread the word organically. Paint for yourself and for them. Stay inspired! I am no expert. I hope that helps!


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