inked across skin,

a pigmentation 

of consumerism.


yet i have no form

when waves 

cease their rise,

and paint dissolves

beneath closed eyes.


i am self-saved 

for one who knows

that colors true 

bleed through

from soul.


tracing octaves 

in water-earth tone,

i will not dam

the artisan’s flow.

surrender to a subtle sigh,

the fingertip painting 

of sensate sky.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Painting by Artist Timothy Parker (for more of his work click here)

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      1. Thank you! It has been a fun journey! I have too many hobbies!😉 I had to create separate sites for my photography and art. It is nice to have a special place for all of my passions! 💚

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