the strobe-light 

resonant liminality

of the timeless-timebound,

a flickering quasar spin,

this revolution

of bless and sin,

the twist torque

random miss of mark.


i hold 

a universe of complexity

in heart’s subterranean reality

above a soft belly

where the world fears,

and i try

not to scratch a chalkboard 

to magnify the static discharge, 

a din that would drown love 

in its false wake.


i cling to a nameless breath,

a soulful known

a knotted rope of koan

that carries me from ground,

a photon born 

of rising and falling quanta –

as the star in my blood

holds a space of love

for its celestial mate.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Painting: Universe

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