stray grains swept

from the canvas

fading the entropy

of condensed light

slight am i

within man-made lines


though i heft the weightless void

morphing the changeless

with stiff-wind fingertips

tresses of canopy tossed

a gasp for a breath of sky


Do not underestimate those who appear to be powerless.

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Charcoal Sketch by Louis Smith

12 thoughts on “Unassuming

    1. I wish that I did. I used to paint when I was younger. Words are my paint.☺ Reading is a left hemisphere function, looking at images is from the right (nonverbal). Including both in a post activates holistic thinking…cool stuff. I like to feature artists too. Thank you and Happy New Year, Amaya.


      1. I agree, I enjoy finding artwork that matches the poetry. Many blessings to you this year too! Oh, you should think of doing the dVerse prompt today. We’re supposed to pick a photograph from sunearthsky.com and write a little something. I think you would like the nature photography very much.

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