Turning Back

striders on tip-toe

tickle the stream,

that carves its habit of flow

into rounded stone

with thoughtless touch.

the blossoming magnolia

bends to dip her fingertips

with tentative trust.

this pristine lives in me,

despite what others

choose to see.


In pristine nature, there is nothing “ugly” or out of place. Nothing that needs to be “fixed”. We are the stones shaped by the water’s carress. Choose wisely the voices you listen to, your own or any other.

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Art by Josef Kote

10 thoughts on “Turning Back

  1. the crashing currents that we think will wash us away…..only make us stronger, only make us truer, only make us who we were always meant to be. 💙💙 THANK YOU FOR YOR WORDS.

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