clear a path for me

to an expanse of sea,

where crystalline energy


with life encrypted at depth.


part the grasses

for my feet

to tread,


by man-made excavations,

a transformed terrain

sculpted by the pristine

siren’s call

singing on the lips

of the warm breeze.


wrap your body

with my tenderness,

the khatah of humbled purity.

you channel the strength

that carries me.

i hold the spirit of soul home

and family,

at the changeless shore

of the divinized sea.


The complementarity of man and woman as an energy represents the wholeness of the Creative power that generates all that is seen and unseen in our reality. It is an energy of a love based on gift rather than sacrifice. This gift economy is the only basis for community and is represented by microcosm of family. We all have the capacity to create that within and among ourselves. In its true essence that is self love.


© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Art: Spiritual Enlightenment by Daniela Cojocarita

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