A Man’s Work

your hands raise earth

to shape the hearth

where we are purged

by love’s fire.


it flickers and swerves

leaping the turns

to sculpt the curves

of this woman’s heart,

a chalice of world

where desires merge

into one.


so sun

and moon

gaze into each other’s light

over the hushed lullaby

of pines.


We live in a world where men are admired for their material wealth and occupation, a false understanding of true power. It is through his husbanding and fathering capacity, which is far more than merely biological, that a spiritual man reveals the soul of the world. A man’s gifts of strength, clarity, generosity, justice, and stewardship are also present in a woman’s heart. He helps her to see and own those qualities. A husband is one who raises the daughter in a woman to the status of queen…mother and wife. In turn, she gifts him the world reborn. This dynamic is present in every person.

© M.G. Iannucci 2017

Art by Irene Suchocki on Etsy

11 thoughts on “A Man’s Work

      1. Even for the ‘better’ ones, it takes a spectacular failure or two to become an independent see-er and achieve one’s inner authority. I have a son too, adopted, now 5. Hope we can know al to do, to retain his shining wonder. And women too… many of them are captured. 🙂

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