Man Up

there is a man

who lives inside of me,

broken son of patriarchy.

with his stiff fists

and judging eye

presents himself to categorize

my tender breast

against the rest,

and condemn my soul

to a barren shoal

where sky birds wail

for their one true home.

it is false power

that i see,

as the force of the inner

aids the outer pillager.


i hold and stay

to breach the wave

of his fierce descent,

and surrender my life

as spiritual wife

to the inner paternal,

who sees

through benevolent eyes.


i raise my tide

for the man inside

from whom i was born,

and kiss the scar,

the spit and dust,

and rise with you,

a force of love.


-M.G. Iannucci2018

Inside every woman, lies an inner man who was formed by a dysfunctional patriarchy. He is the one who compares and judges you against others. There is as well the loving paternal, the good father and husband who counters those thoughts. Cling to him and see through his eyes. You are beautiful to him in every way…always. Challenge the men in your life to take up their true role. The greatest thing a woman can give a man along with her love is respect.

Art by Rachael “Girl In The Sea”

21 thoughts on “Man Up

        1. Candice, I tried to find some of the more recent books in your poetry series, but could not find where to order them. I was on Amazon. I would love to write a review. Some of the poems in the first few are breathtaking.


          1. You honor me. Books 1, 2, 3, 4 and Pinch the Lock are for sale on Amazon under Candice Louisa Daquin. Pinch the Lock is also via Finishing Line Press. B&N also has the first four books. 💓💓 I don’t know which ones you have but our mutual friend Tre said she liked books 1, 2 and Pinch the Lock, the best I think. Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

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            1. I will check for the other books on B&N. Thank you. I looked inside one and two and the poetry has exquisite depth, sensate quality, and linguistic imagery, not to mention that they resonate. Do you teach poetry/literature?


            2. Before I got sick ( I will get better but it’s a long road) I’d wanted to do a book with illustration and work more on the visual quality alongside poetry. Perhaps when I’m well that’s what I’ll do. Everything has been a little on hold due to being ill. I don’t teach poetry. Up until a year ago one of my jobs was teaching critical thinking. Thank you again, I’d almost forgotten my passion for writing because of the illness and writers like yourself and some others here on WP always remind me why it’s such a beautiful art. You are very talented.

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            3. You truly have a gift. Try to hold onto the passion, a zest for life that heals. Thank you so much, Candice. I will do my best on the review and contact you when I post, most likely on Amazon and Goodreads. ☮


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