Alternate Currents

there is a state

where we are whole,

and greed does not multiply

the fractured sky,

filling the fissures

with its toxic sludge.


as the sparking plug

falls below

the luminous glow

of intentional flow,

a summation of soul.

where we are never alone.


my universal love within

softly kisses your inner skin.

binding of earth spoken,

we are all broken

at the start,

a bruised portion of heart

that with tectonic quivers

knits together our inner lands.


for a unifying cure,

thought must be kept pure.

to see and breathe

i fight to stand,

and pour vast love

into your hands.


-M.G. Iannucci2018

When we heal our own wounds, we touch a broken world with gentle hands. For every human tragedy there is a spiritual root, and we are all responsible. Self-reliance is only possible when each member of the human family takes responsibility for their own influence on the rest. Until then, we will struggle like isolated blood cells in poisoned serum. Unconditional love and a trust in the forward journey are the bindings that bring healing. Self-reliance is a communal effort. Reach for it.

Art: Woman in Boat by Michel Sedliak

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