Do not give up the vision of true community, or of a better way to be in the world. Own your strength, admit your weaknesses, heal your internal wounds. Love of self is love of humanity. We share the same earth-body. Self-reliance is not individualism. It is the ability to put trust in each other. Start building a new world beneath where you currently stand. Love to you all.

Poetry and photo from Rob Taylor. “The Irreducible Primary” is currently on Amazon.

Rob Taylor

I have met darkness in a
Life burdened by prevailing
Intrudes of accumulating

Doubts that precipitate
Pretentious eternities and
Construct tautological

Patterns too betraying
For fearful minds complicit
To my failing humanity

Shunned as though I
Were a drought-parched
Willow with no tenable

Destiny while judged to
Be incapable of preserving
My own existence, but

I am the paladin they could
Not see and my inner tempest
Shall not surrender me

© Rob Taylor 2018, Noesis 

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