the tendril of the unfurled,

responds in the forelight

of dawn.

solitary as giving birth

eyes closed to worlds

of the unknown.


the deepest pang

of a woman’s labor

is the absence of her man,

from the stillness amidst

the pain,

the joy in the struggle,

to breath, to refrain

the tide and toil,

the gasp and the strain.


she places the cries

of their birthed generation

in his loving hands,


that her work born in solitude

will increase in magnitude.

and the world receives

a new life.


A woman’s deepest pain is spiritual, the depth of which could never truly be shared. Her silence and inquiries are not a weakness. She uses them to show rather than tell, the humility of living in poetic poverty. She “knows” by the feel and the scent of the sea that moves within.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art by Monika Luniak, “Just Feel It”

10 thoughts on “Compeer

  1. Although he may offer no answer
Although he may solve no dilemma
Although the question may freeze painfully in mid air -
He who also had a mother – understands
    I do not know who wrote this, but I do know that as I age I see more and more of the burdens my own mother bore, and know that I was blessed regardless of our modest life…

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