i rinse passion

from the integument of desire

allowing the rise and respire

of a deeper source of knowing

the smelter of my truest form

keeper of freedom

the symmetry breaking

emanation of creation

of which this humble being

might become

its human expression


kneading the hunger

of the jealous drive to possess

leavening human fears

that breed greed

born from a cord

sliced and burned

that once scorched

the vulnerable babe

with the cold conditional

a mold forming me to feel

your gentle hands

fingering bindings loosed

a masculine essence

the exquisite dissonance

revealing with clarity

the attachments to be released

reclamation of presence

on the path of Persephone

the journey to unfold a destiny

by one for all


hold loosely, my love

with the tenderness

of the sultry fertile rain

in the vale of this deeper space

as i chose to remake

my internal frame

gathering all desires

onto the palette of the transitional

within love’s rhythm relational

i stand before you unshackled

the bravest expression

of love unconditional


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: Anything Is Possible

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