it is greed that marks the skin

of being

a desperate clinging

and squabbling

between our Selves

posturing and protecting

while burying unity

beneath the abyssal plain

of pain

preventing the tenth felt sense

from bridging the quantum distance


the you i see is me

the power to face the ravaging sea


with a vision of prosperity

in human relativity

beyond the forms of aging and raging


i choose to wade

into an embryonic sea

where souls forego individuality

and i see

the tatted lace umbilicals

of the multitudes

morph into the sum of two

ajoining twins of creation

the force of a single emanation


below becomes the above


an exponential summation

of a consumation

within the boundless providence

of Love


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Painting by Arthur Braginski

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