Warrior Ways

i have met the beast

of obsession,

the need for possession,

a jealousy

with fiery breath

and threats

to tether me

with its envy

for soul energy.

the hypocrisy

of the chains of time

shackle my wrists

and seek to bind


to a petty banality.

it reigns

in its inner domain

of exclusivity

binding family

to a lesser reality.


it has tried to breathe

its fire through me

but i will never plead

for rescue

from servitude

i only ask to see,

to be

the power set myself free.

the queen of sovereignty,

wife of royalty,

to the soul knight

who radiates light

despite the ravaging.


i slit and splice strings

in the void beneath duality,

the still place

where i am yours

and you are mine,

a reciprocity and unity

of soul space,

where two are one

and the one is many,

in the absence of all blame

the dragon will be tamed.


What is met on the outside exists on the inside. The warrior works toward clarity. The beast can only be confronted in the present moment. For woman it is easier to see. In men this dragon lies buried until it raises it head through abuse, violence, war, and greed. The violent powers in the world will shift if woman takes her power back from theses energies. At the level of soul, it is a fictious myth.

Art: Woman Taming Dragon

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