Il lavore della donna

a birthing of souls

protected womb’s

inner peripheral flow

reflection diffraction

as awareness grows

and life wriggles toes

below plexus shutterings

butterfly flutterings

of iridescent energies

a cohesive synergy

bursting petals

of the amber rose


the climax of transition

and progress of contractions

dense and fast

that last

the spell of infinity

grieving drowns

in gratitude

for the loss of former life

in becoming Ama wife


io sono la donna forte

a force resounding

with connection

of familial resurrection

within the auspices of the void

the passing of humanoid

through the gleam

of a love desirous

beneath the dilating iris

lies the interstitial beam

of joy in the process


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

There is nothing more powerful than the vast and unconditional love of soul family bursting into the microcosm of corporeal reality.

Art: Upon Infinity by Dorina Costras

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