integumentary caligraphy,

molten particulates

cast into animation.

i had drawn a self composed

of oscillating illusion,

an incense captured

by a plastered space

where stars are painted

to cover the crevices.

they twirl

in a misaligned agony,

over body

as precious chalice

for the shifting Self.


i waken to be,

the vapor unseen,

mirage in a heat


that ignites to a light

flickering within

a vast motionless connection

of Self recollection.


do not dare me with flattery,

a sparkling that binds

with the trinkets

of misdirected mind,

i will appear to leave,

an adjustment of coordinate,

an offering of fulfillment,

for what we truly need.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art by Wendy Ng

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