i jettison

the vellum veneer

of posed pristine persona

and drown

in moonlit down

the delicate feather

that tickles the throat

of the exposed

as vulnerable vanishes

in the mist of a love

crumbling betrayal

into the wave-swept caverns


a return to life

for carbonate rust

the backbone

of the zealous


of the zest of dust

slung into soul

pristine polyps

fed from diffuse light

sown into being


Truth is achingly beautiful.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: Woman Under the Smiling Moon

9 thoughts on “Inimitable

  1. Eyes to see …
    Like coral in the surging sea
    with beauty exotic,
    living the symbiotic,
    Gianna, so too is your poetry.
    ~ An ear to hear.

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