Dead Reckoning

to swim through whim

of opinion


to the grasp and twirl

of the limp tendril

of over-thought

the reluctant sway

of playing safe

a mark for the scarlet dot

of the lowest bidder


i unfurl

the skirts of bloom

before you

a spring kiss

and roaming rhizoids

penetrate the plate

of my steel

the tensile strength

of orb weaver’s thread

i wield

drawing counsel

from sapphire mist

where we exist


and i revel in your gaze

a power to raze

the ruins of slipped time

with the fortitude to persist

and resist

judgement and ill-will

beyond the crumbling citadel

of a lesser god


Through surrender to an unconditional love, we see our true nature. Within and beyond the bodily lies a breathless beauty.

© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Painting: Glissando by Dorina Costas

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