Treading Water

i stare at my feet

taking life too seriously,

hunting for shadows

in the prismatic deep,

while the sun is before me.


indolent fish bear my curiosity

with a mutual stare,

refracting and lacking

a capacity to yearn

for inner perfection,

or to wonder why

the whorls on their scales

are as individual

as my fingerprints.


operculum open

they beat the common sea

into each other’s gills,

a will to survive

not thrive,

and only i

wonder if they envy

their feathered progeny,

scattering ripples

as they flee.


i turn the stone

at the bottom of the cairn.

a tendril of dust

turns waters green,

as their iridescent armor

flickers within my skin.


beneath an ocean of quarks,

with the innocence

of human arrogance

i ask the kosmic dark

to profess its love,

with an affirmation

exceeding inflation.


a stunning “yes”

resounds on universal breath

as the world is held

and cherishes its Self.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Painting: Wading

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