felt scenarios

tattered truth visages

burrs tangle

obscuring a true face

i choose to drift

toward a sea of gifted grace

spilling numerous sands

a clock with infinite hands

where i complete and i began


in the running stream

of the hour glass

where there will always be

three –

the outer

the inner

the in between

the strength of Love

is the rising above

and knowing arms

that reach for me

illusion or reality

i choose to cling

to the Good i see


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: “Fiona” by Amanda Scott

7 thoughts on “Prudence

      1. We just returned from the local senior center. We gave a talk about visiting the Kennedy Space Center to watch a launch last March. I also talked about launching and returning spacecraft safely. They were a good audience. We had fun.

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