my sister my mirror,

i feel your blisters

and swallow the fear

of your raucous despair.

a human reduction

covered over by seduction,

moving the blissfully unaware.


within us lies a rendition

of the birthing of transition,

marked with jagged ridges

of a worldly sedition,

the human condition

within the bounds

of sharded skin.


where do we begin

weaving soul union?

beyond casted projections

and past rejections

is the light that streams

from One who leads,

with an energy that frees,

and calls us to be.


it is that which we seek,

as i hear your need,

in the akashic night

magnified a three billion times

in the root of woman-rhymes.


and you must never concede,

to appease or plead

for the love you need,

simply cease to bleed.

as a Silke who leaves

a turbulent sea

for the luminous shore

to grieve no more.


for it is with the grace

of His strength,

that i hold our pain,

cutting the mooring loose

on lifetimes of abuse.

it is you i feel

and for that i heal,

and you will never know

how you touched my soul.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

For my sister poetesses…

There is great power in human sisterhood based on unconditional love. The union of those energetic attributes creates a nurturing, expansive, generative, courageous, healing life force…a power to change the world.


A woman’s selfless joy is a fearsome thing.

Painting by Brad Kunkle

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