sediment sinks

silk silt sensations

soothe tender soles.

i feel therefore i know

the temperate currents

that caress from soul.


alive between sky and sea,

i read the tendrils of fluidity.

hurled into a shadowed world

of beggars and thieves,

the poor ones camped inside me,

dark-eyed itinerant beauty

singing to be freed.


my own shackles

i have forever undone,

as the sun sinks below

horizon’s sentient glow

if you deem it so –

it is time for me to go.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

There are lessons to be learned from all relationships, self-knowledge gained through gazing in the external mirror. Most people come for a time and then leave.

A life partner is one who chooses to make a commitment to stay, to push further than the evolutionary envelope has been stretched so far. To be, to see along with and despite of any apparent obstacles of perception. It is a love that in its spiritual context is never exclusive. In the corporeal it is committed and faithful. In that is found the good, the true, and the beautiful, a soul integrity that frees more than just two. It is an infinite liminal space filled by the exhalation of a vast Creating Force defying the world’s logic, a steeper road with an exhalted view, humbling and transformational.

Painting: “Summer Sunset” by Clare Elsaesser

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