Depth Gauge

rescue diver sized me up

hooking belt loops, thumbs tucked,


he said,” ya go for the strong ones,

the ones who got fight left in ‘um”,


i thought it was cruel.

he said, “worried ’bout you?”


cracking a wiley grin,

“i see those wheels spin.


babe, just stand up

you don’t even need to swim”.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

This poem and the previous were both inspired by actual conversations. The first with a biker and this one with a retired Coast Guard Resue Diver. “Soul speak” is everywhere…if you listen. I am grateful to these men for sharing their stories.

When the waves pass and your feet can find the sand…stand.

Art:“Longing from the Depths” by Dorina Costras

6 thoughts on “Depth Gauge

  1. Great poem! 🙂
    Once i was putting a floating pier and a short dock in on our river bank in the spring. The pier capsized and i slid into the cold river water. I thought i could stand on the river bottom but kept going down; the decline was too steep. When i finally made it back to the top, the pier had rectified itself and my face was under horizontal wood. I swam for my life and nearly drowned. We went to see Titanic at the movies two days later!

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