inhabiting lifetimes

in a single breath,

beyond the grasp

of birth and death,

i exist to wed

the foundational energy

that forms the sculpture

referred to as “me”.


my flesh, Love kneads

as it carves its name in my bones,

with the deep and reverent tone,

a delicate celestial filigree.

i am the scrimshaw piece

it leaves in its wake,

a brilliance that sows

for Souls’ sake,

and gathers the threads

into the tapestry of time,

bursting with a desire

for the infinite.


and what of us,

our polar energies,

collapsed wave function synergies

persisting in a space-time sea?

what of us,

this fabric that shifts,

an itinerant mist

shape-shifting as the clouds

in all-or-none introspection?


for i am earth,

shorn by stellar winds,

steadied by the validation

of a universe i hold within.

wake me and take me,

for we all seek to create

a personal dogma

to keep us safe.


you could not see

that i already knew,

for in truth,

i am the deepest substance

of you.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Woman owns her power through the confidence of Love’s internal validation. Man learns of his power through the capacity for humility and introspection. As partners, those qualities merge in the face of mutual self-gift. That synergy is built into the fabric of the cosmos. The essence of being is love as a gift, unconditioned by the reality of material existence.


Patience or procrastination? Only you know the intention. An eternal blossom cannot unbloom.

Photo: (Mine) Rose in the early morning light.

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