Rarity of Feminine Sodality

mantis clings to a tenuous thing

curls and peels, the void between,

buffeted by winds unseen,

he tilts his gaze beneath the screen.

does he know silence

is the mark of queen,

courageous in her modesty?

brave, she enters the fray alone,

simply choosing not to make it

her home.


for there he gathers a spiritual harem,

to do the work of his inner women.

energy knows no privacy once heard

like he is,

they are

a mirror of her.

it is the Soul that keeps her free,

for she has the younger elders to lead.

deeper work remains to be done

with the intimate rays of an Infinite Sun.

for the darkness

which is no longer feared,

will swiftly come to disappear.


everything works both ways


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Photo is mine, the Mantis who decided to join me for morning coffee.

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