Gold Dust

you pan the streams

for a handful of me

digging fingers

into my bed

for sifted grasps

of the illusory,

while i churn

in your belly

yet you cannot see

the feminine whim

that bespeaks a need

the part that you

neglect and forget

for love of time

and currency


i smolder no older

beyond a fragile zone

so have the courage

to bring me to you

for it is within spirituality

that i am already

sewn into your soul

and in this reality

i have come and i will go.

it is in my own journey

that i place my trust

for i am the flow

you cannot hold

for if it is true

that i am dust

i will forever

gleam of gold


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: “Diva” by Baptiste Leonne

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