i paid in retrospect

for an accumulation of debt

born from lifetimes of currency

work exchanged for generosity

a multidirectional artistry

in a world of incorporated technology

that rapes the waif that cannot see

with nepotism within despotism

a war within dualities

across the land the queen surveys

i have woven vast connection

with love’s introspection

a clear and good intention

where all debts are forgiven

and i awaken

to breath night into day

where my fallow fields lay


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: “First Breath” by Bojan Jevtic

15 thoughts on “Shemittah

  1. this is a hard-hitting powerful piece, my friend. it hit me hard deep in my heart and hope that it does the same for all your readers – may your pen never dry up without ink and may you always be the brutally honest and powerful writer that you are. thank you for this piece. it is so needed.
    peace and equality and justice for ALL

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      1. so very poignant my sister! deeply moving and powerful – yes, as you say us humans cannot and will not ever understand – and the sad thing is that I feel at times we may have crossed the point of no return – in our pillage of nature and of the commons.
        peace. love. respect – for all living things in nature and for nature itself

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