Hall of Mirrors

Our society is rife with disposable relationships, speed dating, hooking up, divorce. Cheating is the symptom of a larger psychological and spiritual issue. I have raised three sons as a single mother, two of whom are in their twenties and beginning to navigate the world of relationships. People often speak of betrayal in terms of it being a problem with men cheating on women with another woman. Yes, it is true that it does happen but it is the woman who usually “leaves” first.

The worst form of betrayal is when a woman leaves her partner because she does not get along with his inner woman, the “other woman”. Our outer relationships mirror our inner structure. All the women he loves and interacts with are a mirror of his inner world which only he can see. Your perception of them, only speaks of your interior world. Their perception of him is their inner reality. It is “turtles all the way down”. Only true love, soul love, feels the truth of this expansive interconnection.

How deeply can you love? It is the one true and formidable barrier that a woman has to cross. A man’s inner feminine side is both the light and the shadow of the woman that he loves. If the outer woman cannot love and respect the inner aspects of herself that she sees through the man that she is with, she does not love herself wholly and completely. It takes a profound strength, courage, and soul love to stand ground and look deeply into that mirror and love “the other woman” in yourself and as yourself, the inner ones and the outer ones.

When a woman surrenders to the space of a love that vast, it makes her the most irresistable piece of art sculpted by the force of the generative power of existence. She becomes the sacred mystery, the inner light of illumination, the muse of unconditional love, the seductive movement of spiritual growth, and the earthy touch of interbeing. She makes love with the creative essence of her Beloved…a love that embraces and draws in the totality of existence.

The ferocity of that soul love transcends all graven images and leaps beyond the limitations of the corporeal life where even thought and word have no power. Through this inner mutual vision, the many live in the two and the two become One.

It is a woman’s true task in the world to love the opposing forces in herself though whatever medium through which they surface. The worst form of betrayal is spiritual, of the soul by the ego. It takes “it’s complicated” to a whole other level. 🍍

Or maybe I am just overthinking 😉after too much coffee.☕

What do you think?


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: The photo is mine.

29 thoughts on “Hall of Mirrors

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  1. ‘Our society is rife with disposable relationships’ Sad but true. The slow-motion anomie infecting modern society stems from a consumerist society that abandons connections, memory, and genuine affection for immediate gratification. As you say, the path to reclaiming our souls and happiness begins with shoring up our inner vision.

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    1. Mike you condensed my words so well. It is sad, but there is also this vast pull toward connection. It underlies the drive that fuels the desire for sex as well as all the networking sites. If that could be unified by the presence of love, the world would change instantly. Thank you for such an expressive comment.☮


  2. Speed, make it quick, 24/7, news that isn’t, fake or not, lying … what a mess. A few years ago, our son warned us to beware of online relationships and content. He encouraged us to have more RPT (Real People Time). We’ve done that. It has been good. Quality in our lives stays.

    Look at the social media sites, WordPress included. Notice the ‘Like’ buttons. Facebook has a multitude of those buttons. All are designed to make a cursory response without the need to use words. I hate that. I like words. I want to know what someone thinks. I want a verbal exchange if possible. Yes, I am guilty of using those buttons. I tried abstaining from clicking any of them on FB out of protest. It lasted several weeks.

    Communication is the heart of truly loving relationships that last. Honesty and integrity are the bonds that tie people together.

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    1. I totally understand,Jim. Then there are the sites like Tinder where you shop for a date…consumerism, reductionism, materialism…the denigration of the human person. Although there are people like you and your wife out there too. It makes it worth it to provide the opposite energy in the system. ☺🌟

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  3. “The worst form of betrayal is spiritual, of the soul by the ego”…. I think coffee is good and that we all should drink more if we come up with thoughts like yours. Nice to be able to visit your world.

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      1. I am sorry but I am not the very best at communicating about my images. I do not read often the comments but i really appreciate your imput. Your writing has been bringing many thoughts on the surface of my perception. Thank you again

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      1. Hello Maria. I have only done exhibit with writer quotes before. I love what you write and I do not know if my visions would appeal to your poetry but I would be happy to work with you. It is a new path and experience and it I do not resist to detours and hiden passages. Let me know what you would like.

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        1. I am open to anything. The energy of your work resonates. I am assembling the poems and I will touch base with you…flow is good. I love your latest post. The masculine form is underappreciated…that brute strength with an underlying vulnerability…gorgeous.

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  4. Love and negative ego are just not compatible from my experience. I agree wholeheartedly that the sacred feminine has been brutalised in our culture and women need to become more aware of what real love for a man and for themselves is. It is like the love in nature, strong fierce total surrendered accepting unconditionally (but not in a weak or sugary way with no boundaries) and does not hold back. I see it as a lioness energy and I love that you posted this during Leo time. The coffee seems to be sparking your creative self.

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  5. Wow, this post really tapped into some repressed thoughts and feelings (I like that, don’t get me wrong). I have this discussion quite a lot, with my own kids, but especially with the students I am assigned to as their Counselor. Their views of what Love is are both incredibly well articulated, but in the same breath, contradictory and naive. I have never belittled their thoughts, or corrected their feelings as such (especially since I, after all this time, am in no better position to presume Whats right from what’s wrong in terms of what Love is) But I have approached it in a way so as to have them consider their feelings in different levels and from different perspectives. Heck, I really still struggle with the concept of love and question my own feelings in its relation. I can say this. My feelings toward my children (née young adults) have never wavered and help me to define unconditional love. What another insightful post. Ps thanks for liking my post which led me to diving into your site. This is my favorite part of being an active “blogger” and the affirmation that I made the right decision to rid my life of meaningless social media in favor to the rather anonymity of blogging.

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