Arbor Vitae

no cause to fight


for it does not exist.

embrace your life,

the Soul’s kiss.


for i am

your generative energy.

invest in me

before I leave.


© M.G. Iannucci 2018

There is a choice in life…battle your ego or surrender to Soul. One is the way of violence and the other peace. I choose the latter. Come with me.

Painting: “Tree of Life” by Tamara Phillips

23 thoughts on “Arbor Vitae

          1. it most certainly is, Maria. nothing will change until the battle for more humane ‘selves’ within us all brings out the better parts of our “selves”

            thank you for your always moving words and sentiments.


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    1. A woman’s way on the spiritual path looks differently than a man’s way. Very few engage in or write about that. I had not thought about it until your comment. No one has really framed it in it’s radiant simplicity. Thank you.


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