Siren’s Song


you have

to let him go

to battle his pride

with Calypso


A “spiritual wife” understands that there are energies that lie beneath every story. Her inner man needs the hunt, the conquering, the challenges. Penelope was a hero in her own right. Her work was patience, resilience, and understanding. Let him go. Hold steady and do your work. Just like Odysseus, he will return unrecognizable and evolved. All the energies are One.

©M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art: Tamara Phillips

16 thoughts on “Siren’s Song

            1. thank you my sister – your words are so true – we have to wrestle with the “politician” within us all – the really struggle of what makes us humane human beings. warmest wishes my sister Maria and long may your write the amazing work that is a pleasure for us all to read.
              Peace and Love and Hope and Struggle

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