she perched on the queen’s berth

silver crown

and a mirth-grin knowing within

that stripped the bark skin

off my purple heart

decorated with buttons


…butterflies, Marines, Veterans

and the one that read…


is easy

love takes courage

my friend


as she tipped her hand and said,

“Oh honey,

and it’s only gettin’ worse”


the wise dip their toes

in the terrestrial

like meteors hungry for ground.

and i lament that i can’t rend

a deeper trench in this heart,

when i should pound and rage

at my own misplaced starvation

under a sweetened smile

that bares destruction

woman who thinks she deserves

less for curves and birth

and work

but i have stepped a foot

on the other side

where the curse that rolls

from your lips is mine

and the seen cannot be undone

unwanted for being human

and if we met

without a middleman

you would be a friend


©M.G. Iannucci 2018

Art from Fine Art America

16 thoughts on “Imprints

  1. I feel like you haven’t been this raw in your poetry for some time.
    “and the seen cannot be undone
    unwanted for being human”
    We have tried, and failed, to make ourselves so small, haven’t we? Why can’t we dissipate into light itself and leave no mark here? So now trying something else, dipping toes or diving headfirst into the world of impact seems so unnatural. And what an impact. Will we even recognize ourselves amidst terrestrial mud? Here’s to finding out, friend.

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