those of us with rippled wings

born of hesitation to fly

the inelegance an anomaly

of reticent feathers devoid of sky

and yet the desire to transpire

tips sun-petals and never dies

but lies hidden beneath

cryptic energy

that turns spurn to fuel

within this milieu

in cavernous depths

were death is bereft

of its finality

and lower center of gravity

means we were built to climb


In the almost two acres that is my backyard (not wearing my glasses of course), I find a wingless fly. I can’t find type o’s in a Word document, but I can find a fly with the vistages of wings on two acres of land.

Some would say it is a mutant and an indication of nature’s decline but that is simply one perception. I choose to see resilience, adaptability, stealth, agility, ingenuity, and the ability to find sustenance in the most unlikely of places, tiny and courageous. Do not make the mistake of judging a book by its cover and you will discover with me, that we create what we see. Which means that I won’t be needing a new pair of glasses after all. 😉

©M.G. Iannucci 2018

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