I am short.

That is the ontological truth of my corporeal life. The affectionate jokes abound from the men in my family…pint-sized, economy-size, travel-size, compact, mighty mouse, shot glass, shortie, to mention a few.

I often write of beauty and post artwork of images that I find pleasing or provocative. Here is one for you, small and beautiful too. Almost 50, a single mother of three, small but audacious enough to bend back the arrow of time.

This is a 5 am gym photo. I have been working on a 200 lb deadlift and yesterday, I made it to 195…ugh 195!

Yes, effort matters but so do the people who help you to get there, and there have been many. This little protein package moves and breathes, loves and lives, and is an invaluable part of nature when it is filled with gratitude (I was not thinking that at 5 am by the way). So thank you to all of you who have been there. Readers, gym goers, yogis, followers…you are a beautiful lot and much appreciated.

As I remind my sons, quasars are small (about 1.5 light years in diameter), but they shine with the illumination of 200 billion suns. Love yourself well.

55 thoughts on “Bijou

  1. It is lovely that you choose to share.

    I lost the impetus (perhaps need is a better word) to write as I studied Taoism and a incorporated a simple breathing meditation into my day but I do miss writing at times.

    Also, I’m impressed by your excercise routine but not as much as by your poetry. I just don’t comment much, unfortunately.

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      1. Thanks Maria. I did some graphic design work earlier in life and became quite familiar with Adobe Photoshop and some other filters that go along with it. So that is the base that I work from, and I usually find images on Google Images that I like to play with.

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      2. Well I typed up an answer but I guess it didn’t go through so if you get two replies that’s what happened. I use Adobe Photoshop and some filters and apply them to Google Images that I find to work with.

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  2. You have often been an inspiration to me, Maria. Thanks again for this…..humanizing? Fitness and challenging physical boundaries has always been a big party of my life. Now, due to medical limitations I am looking for different boundaries to explore and go beyond.

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  3. Some of the best things come in small packages. My wife is small in stature. She works hard at the gym but has not tried heavy lifts like you. Me? I am not tall. But I am a fit protein package. 🙂

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    1. It’s my inner man, Jim. He’s determined, competitive, goal driven, and stubborn. He’s really tall too and jacked. I just keep him tucked away for when I need him.😉 Oh, such fun…Jung. It’s not necessary to lift that heavy. I just have something to prove to myself before I settle in for the long haul. As always, thank you for sharing with me. Your wife sounds awesome.


        1. Look up the anima and animus. It is yin and yang. I just disagree that it is subconscious. I think are hidden sides are there, we are just unaware. Tell me what you think. I am interested. Thank you always for stirring my intellect!🌞


          1. I read the wikipedia entry for Anima and Animus. Not being trained in psychology, but experienced in observing human nature, I see some aspects of A and A in us all that make some sense to me.

            We humans are complex creatures. Our personalities manifest themselves in many ways. I feel the feminine qualities within me at times. I see women express masculine behaviors. Why is there a need to specify the stages such as Eve, Helen, Mary and Sophia? Or, to describe stages of Tarzan, Hemingway, George, and Hermes? I think those are unnecessary.

            We are human beings with the same brains. Our personalities operate within the framework of all of these male and female characteristics all the time. Men and women do tend to act within some common qualities for each group. But, to say there is a formative process, I don’t know enough about it to judge.

            Interesting how the human male and female qualities can be organized into such a structure of development. People like to build structures to help explain complex things.

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            1. Absolutely, with the scientific revolution came the urge to categorize, label, analyze, and separate. Both men and women have qualities found in the other. It is cultural conditioning that causes us to choose to reveal some and inhibit others. I do not agree with everything Jung said, but at least he was thinking. Thank you so much for challenging me and sharing , Jim. I appreciate these intellectual discussions. IN the end. it is the heart and soul that should rule. Have a wonderful day.

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      1. My words are a reflection of my heart, its complexities, all this mess somehow manifesting itself into poetry. Its not perfect, but its mine.

        This month, it is a year and a half separated after a twenty year marriage, doing all i can for my two amazing teen children, while fighting the voices inside that range from whispers to screams, that drag me back into negativity.

        Your goals are that, yours. Sometimes in order to achieve them we need to shut off the internal grumblings of all the negative voices inside our own head. Poetry helps me do that.

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        1. Oh, so well said. I was with someone and married for a total of seventeen years. My oldest is 22. I have been divorced for about 12 years. It is still a challenge. The past creeps in to the present and I am well familiar with the negative voices. Keep writing. I hear you. There is great solidarity in the speaking it and being heard. Thank you for sharing with me, Sabrina. Write me anytime.


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